Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Packing Life in 90 days- birthday and friends

I am back, and i am glad it is still June. It is quite a busy month and it is also a good time for me to re-start everything.
I made a view birthday resolutions, and there is one i wish i cud do;  being back vegetarian. I do not want to do it as i feel 'cool' doing it, or punishing myself. I have plenty reasons why i should be back being vegetarian, but i just realize i am not the same person anymore. Things changes, and i start taking things easily and do not bothered easily. All i wanna do is being simple and nice, so i do not need to bother anyone (even it is difficult in fact).
I am enjoying every moment i have right now. Sharing times with family and friends. I will be away again, but hope we will be keeping in touch and more important is connected by heart. (ayayay, i am being melodramatic again)
Two days ago was my 28th bday. It was a complicated day. As i described that day and the feelings as RUJAK-complicated in terms of composition and flavours, but at the end, it was nice and refreshing.
For my bday, i got some nice presents from Friends. Here they are:

Two books-from two friends...hey, how do they know what i need?

A wedges shoes for my cousin's wedding-from my brother

A little brown notes, with recycled papers inside-and handmaded specially for me, with my name in it.
I ordered these shirt from my favorite online boutique-and i got them as my bday present from the owner :)

A classic red suede album-with pictures of Gilang in it, and a LV tank top

A black and grey scarf-ready to pack back to France

Too bad i do not have decent camera to take picture with, but at least i have things to show you. I have plenty other presents and pictures, but will have to go by now. Catch up later ?


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