Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

A Family Time

Nothing is as hectic as a family reunion. In these last two weeks, i spent most of my time, with my family, mostly from my mother's side. We celebrate two weddings in a row, so you can imagine how breath taking the preparations were; Breath taking really means breath taking, tiring, and most of the time ecxiting.

Indonesian wedding is always been interesting, well when you are in the family that doing it. My wedding,was so far away of being an Indonesian wedding, and i am glad for that. Indonesian wedding is when a wedding involved the whole family, when meals take it all, family intriques is a must, glamorous  and when the bride and the groom are the least important. Sounds bad? Not really, i was actually enjoyed it very much, trust me, it was better than soap opera.

Here are pictures for those two moments i was involved, more or less, as a family member, and a  happy guest.

The wedding couple, Agustine and Andrew (my cousin)
My cousins and I, from left; Vincent, Nicholas, guess who, Wanny and Ernest
The glamorous Golden Girls, My mum is the one in the middle

Since not everyone is attending, we all fits to the screen

Then second wedding, i was bit more relax knowing that it is all over- the hecticness and time to enjoy every moments, with my family.

My geourgous cousins, from left; Tasya and Nita

My parents

My sister and law, and my brother

Just a 'bit' of the family

My cousins and I, not all included

Nice and happy family huh? ups where is Gilang, oh here he is,

He was just too tired after all

So, what do you think? Nothing but an awsome family, a great team and my precious treasure; Love you all and miss you guys already. See you again on perhaps another wedding :D

PS: Pictures courtesy Nita Sacharissa, Monica Pretty and myself


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