Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

A Creative session with Gilang

Hi, It is already mid February!! The weather has changed and i hope it stays "soft" like this. I love snow, but  weeks of 'minus degrees" were just too much for me.

It has been two Wednesday(s) that Gilang and i been trying to be creative. Before Xmas we joined activity for mother and child. Oh, maybe i have not told you that here there's no school on Wednesday. Do not ask me why, but i think it is fair enough since even in kindergarten they finish school at 4.30 pm here. I just find it too tiring for children under 6 years old, but well, 4 school days, what can you say?

Ah, about that mother and child activity, yup, so i joined those last year, and decided to stop because i do not find it effective and efisien for me. It started after lunch time, 2.30 pm and finish at 5 pm, Gilang and i were just exhausted. I found the activities were good ideas except the timing. Now my wednesday is bit relax and chillin, like today, we do some activities together, then i can do my writing while he is having his nap.

Here i share you some pics of our "creative sessions", that i learned last year from the activity we joined.

What do you think it is? Home-made cookies?
It is not!!

Basically it is a salt dough! I never seen anyone doing it in Indonesia (make sense, instead making "fake cookies" why not making real cookies that can be eaten?). So i am so happy to share you this, that maybe if you never try to do some, it is quite fun to do with children.

What you need to make the dough, is ( i saw the recipes in Google, but forgot the link):
1 cup of fine salt, one cup of water and two cups of flour

Just mix them all together, and the result shud be like this:

Then exactly just like making cookies, you can shape them in whatever shapes you like. Because i want Gilang to participate, then we made easy shape like triangle, square, round, rectangle, stars, crecent, and animals, as we already have the molds.

It will take about half an hour to bake them, in 210 °C. Then when it is chillin', you can start doing the decoration. I suggest you to do the dough once and enough because you can not decorate it when it is still hot, and trust me it is a bit tiring already the whole process. When you can not finish all, you can cover them with plastic wrap and store them in the freezer.

So we continue our creative session today, by doing some coloring, and , once again, it takes time and patience to do it, and we are not finish yet by the time i post this!

Happy kid with a devil pirates shirt!!

Well guys, we have been busy, so excuse me, need to think what to do next  after the coloring session, so i guess my post today will be continued.......see you (not promise) soon!


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