Selasa, 10 September 2013

My B*day BOY

Finally, i manage to be able to start writing on this blog. I have been busy, i always online, but was too busy writing at somewhere else. Today i would like  to share one for hundreds meaningful and thoughtful event in my life this year. I always think i have passed so many great moments and i owed this blog to share the happiness. This blog is nothing but a documentation of my life events, the phases i have been through this far, and one day, by the time my son will be big enough to read my notes and my blogs he will understand that his mother is not a bullshit, her mother is a bit crazy but she loves him with his heart.  AUgust 28th was his bday, his 5th bday and i am thankful to God, my family and friends, for all the supports. I have been bad mother, bad daughter, bad sister and naughty friends. There are many times that i  forgot how good i could be and how better i used to be, and on the top of that i seriously need lots of kicks to keep trying to be a great mother of this precious thing. I love you Gilang and i am sorry for all the mis-presence in your life. Thanks for being there, for keep smiling, crying  and bullying me. Keep doing all of those! Happy bday love,

Mama Chinta

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