Senin, 02 Juli 2018

What happened after 3 years??

just realize that I have been not writing here for 3 years.
I am wondering my self what has been happening in recent years?
 After my divorce  in mid year 2016, i worked in a resort which took my life almost completely.  Life was about working until I decided to quit and restart new and work in a field that make me who I am today.
I think I have changed alot, put some weigh, loose some and gain much more and in conclusion, i enjoyed life actually so much.
I am a single mother of a 10 years old boy. We love each other as much as we know, love hate combination make a relationship interesting ...or less boring.
After working here and there, I manage to choose direction to work as freelance. God is good, as freelance i can manage money and my time for good purpose and my passion.
Gilang is 10 years now, busy schooling and studying English for better future.  He was joining acting class for 3 months last year and has been playing in some advertisement, music video and a movie.
I will update more about this in a separate blog.

My babies, my dogs are now passing 15 years!

I still love spending time with kiddos they colored my life

Gilang and Chinta 2018, I gained 13 kilos since last year, but im FINE

Will manage to keep my stories update for whatever purpose.... starting from now..

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  1. Such an inspiration...keep healthy mother

    I'll always be reader of your blog