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This is a story about Gilang when he was 8. Now he is soon be 10 years old.
Last year in March, he was diagnosed for having this sudden illness "ITP" Ideopathicic Trombosytpenic Purpura", basically , he had very low trombocyt which has cause him bleeding.

We did not know how and why he got it, but it was just happened, a day before i had to left for work out of town.
Symptom was he has this bruises allover his legs, back and arms without feeling any pain. Day by day, he has more and more. I checked to his friend or teacher if he fell or did something that caused the bruises but they said no.

A day before leaving the town, i decided to take him to doctor. After checking him, they took his blood and after receiving the result, doctor made emergency actions: ran to send him to a hospital which specialized for ...cancer. I was disagree and did not understand and refused to take him  with ambulance, but then she shouted at me and said ," you have no idea mam, but your son is in danger, he could have died,",
The shock was there, they took us instantly with ambulance to the hospital where there they took a level 1 emergency care and put him in an isolated building - for children cancer and blood disease.
Playing room at the hospital. He like it here. 

It took me days to understand what happened to him and deal with the " unreal-but real" situation and cried the whole days... next to him. It has passed. He survived.
During the emergency treatment and situation, he was stronger than i did.  He even touch my hair and hug me when i cried nights and days.  He made friends with the nurses and kids, who eventually, not as lucky as he did, they had to have chemoteraphy, they lose hairs, they were suffering and maybe still are.
Gain weight and get the moonface after steroid theraphy

It was not a nightmare, but enlightenment. If i have to look back, for his situation now, it was a miracle,after transfusions, medicament, therapy and prays..... he survived and i think he should have no more of blood illness. We regularly take him for check up and he is well.  We limit his activities (physical) and..

who knows, by changing his activities, his door open to more and more miracle in life.

I decided to write about this story, for him one day, to remember, we were there, when i thought I was dreaming, but it was so real and how the whole emotional evolved me to a point in life where most important is today, not the past, not the future.

Ce ha i en te a

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