Selasa, 08 November 2011

Home-made Pizza by Gary


Finally, i can share something about Gary and his speciality. Well, he asked me to do pizza many times, but i refused. Yes, he made some bread, cookies, that were not so good, and the pain after all the mess, that i had to clean the entire kitchen, is never been a good idea. I remember one day, after he 'did' something in the kitchen, i came to survive, and i looked up the sink, the flour on the floor and everything, and i decided to turn off the kitchen light and went to bed. Seriously, why, when i cook, i am the one who clean the kitchen after, and when he cooks, i am the one also who need to do the cleaning? Sounds fair or what?

However, letting him doing the pizza, is worthed. I do not mind to clean afterwards, he did a good job. We have been having pizza many times this month, and here i share you my chef, Gary, and his works...enjoy it!---Chinta

Gary, a.k.a Mas chef speciality in Pizza

Prepare your very own toppings, yeahh

Recipes taken from the internet

Simply put the tomato base or concentrate to start with...

Pizza with Three Cheese, the egg is just for Gilang actually
Pïzza with anchovies!
Nyum, i like pizza with black olives and anchovies, but not too much, because they are too salty 

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