Rabu, 09 November 2011

My Top Cover-up for Autumn


I think this is my first fashion about- post. Well, to start with, i do not think i am fashionable, either a fashionholic. Many fashion blogs inspired me, yes, because they are crative people, and really know how to enjoy their lifes, and i do care about fashion. I am not a branded person and mostly wearing something first because of the function and second, to put a bit of my personal style on it. Since i have baby,  i put some weight and prefered to dress casually, but now i think i am back on my track. The season is amazing yet confusing. You can not put less neither too much, but really, legging, stockings, coloured sweaters and cardigans, shawls, and bonnet, really make so much sense here. Here i let you to have a look on my closet, which is filled basicaly with old or might say, vintage collections of autumn-winter collections. Why vintage? Because, i got most of them from Gary's late grand mother. Am i lucky or what? Some of them are bit oversize, but does not really matter to me. As long as it fits my taste and sort of in a range of my colour palette, it wud do. There are two basic  tops in black that i use very often in this season. For the bottoms, i usually simply put black or blue thick legging, jeans, or simple polos skirts that can go with the overall look. At the end, all these look will be cover up with a plain long jacket! Basically, i just always try to look simple and chic.
Check out my ideas  and lemme now what you think about it...

First basic that can be used, is a summer tank top like this, which is a bit long until the hips, it is light, just put a tanktop inside, and when the weather is not so cold, it wud do with just adding variations of sweaters and jacket on the top, plus, a shawls to cover up the neck from the wind.

Purple sweater is given by my mother in law, also the pashmina was my Christmas present from her
Cashmere green cardigan' cashmere', red polysester shawl i bought  for Gilang in Eurodiff, i really like this christmas colours combination
This cardigan is also vintage, it is a pure wool 'Burberry', and i really like the soft yellow colour.

My second favorite basic is a cotton black long sleeve, perfect for a colder weather, and you can put anything, add anything to it. I bought two this basic shirt before i left for France, i bought it in ITC for Rp 30 rb each, nice huh?

Red is not my favorite colour, but sometimes, i like it for a change of my very basic taste. I have to admit, this colour really may brighten a very cloudy day.

Same sweater, but let us add some motives here, and i decided to add a stripes-rayon dress from CG Shop.

This thick yellow cotton jacket i bought in Perth in one of my favorit shop 'Cotton On'. The texture and the thickness is just perfect for autumn. The pure cotton shawl is vintage.

Last but not least,, is another stripes dress i bought from my favorite online shop in Jogja, CG Shop . The bow at front really sweet, and i do not thing you need to add any accessories, unless, you want to say something. In that case, the red heart necklace, is a signature from me. This style is for special occasions, like dinner or a date (with who?).

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  1. Love the jacket, especially the red one!

    About your question.. thrifting in Jogja? hmm.. I'm not an expert on that (I just start thrifting when I move to Bandung).. but you can try Little Garage.. they have the most fabulous choice of vintage and beloved goodies..

    The Picnic Girl

  2. aaawww!! the yellow jackeeeeettt!!! mbaaakk!!!