Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Un jour de belles choses kabar :D?? Hope good things are around together with such a nice weather...Spring is definitely arrived in Chartres, and i can tell you i have been take advantages at most of it. Two picnics in a week, one party and now the windows are opened as we have the sunniest day of the week, where today is 23°C and i am happy to announce that we will have a full row of over 20° C at the maximum next week.

What make a sunny day become so special for me, as in my home country i have sun as much as i can, is, here, at this moment, we got the sun at the same time fresh breeze so that  i wont get to hot or feel like burnt. So you can do things outside, clean air, clean environment. Perfect made for picnic! Today i am gonna share you my first week of spring activities. Yesterday, i had picnic with a dearest friend lunch time, and after school i took Gilang to get groove a bit with his new scooter (in Indonesia we call it often as otoped).  I bought it a week ago thinking that it will be nice for him to use it to the park in the city central, where we have a nice flat path together fountains...

you shoot me i'll shott ya!!
beautiful rings, and they match my skirt (it is actually wild flowers)
our healthy lunch (the chips hide in my bag)

my signature shoes, and because of the good lighting i found yesterday there is a hole in the shoes, yes!!! time for a new one horray

location of the picnic, just behind the wall of cathedral yeah!!!

with the view of the maze, i do not need to the the mediation as i can imagine myself doing it
lil one with the lil scooter

he pretended to ride it as next to me there were two young girls

Such a nice day yesterday, and i promise to do it again an again an again.....
See you later,


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  1. RDV for the next picnic with more healthy lunch and more chips hidden in bag!!! LOL