Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Where can you find me?


Lately i spend most of my time taking care of babies, Gilang and the fellas. On my spare time, i run quick to manage my blogs. It is a bit shamefull but i have several blogs. I am practicing my writing and i have some interests that i want to write separately. Here are my blogs and you are welcomed to visit anytime!

LOVENLIGHT. is my first blog. Basically it is the most personal blog i ever created. It is about my daily life, and mostly related to Gilang, my son. The posts mostly about my daily activities with Gilang, parenting issues, and anything related to my personal issues. This blog is made to keep my friends and family updated with my new life in France. The name LOVENLIGHT is basicaly an english translation of both my name and Gilang. My name is Chinta, means love in Indonesian, and Gilang in Javanese language means light.

My second blog is Dapur Chinta. I started it with different name, Memasak dengan Chinta (Indonesian for Cooking with Chinta), but then i would like to make it simple then i change the blog title into Dapur Chinta, means Chinta's Kitchen in Indonesia, as the blog is about some recipes i tried and modified at home, which are mostly easy recipes. It is also include my cooking documentations. There stories about my daily cooking, the recipes added to the blog, as the main purpose is to share my cooking recipes and share bout anything related to my cooking activities. Please note, that i am not a professional in cooking, but i just love to cook and keep learning. So if you like simple cooking, you might wanna stop by here  www.cookingwchinta.tumblr.com.

Third blog, is made with my frustration of writing and the lack of inspirations. I would like to write about something but i mostly has random minds all the time. It is hard to focus and be simple in my writing. Then suddenly i thought why not writing anything related to love, as i am named by it? Well, love is an universal thing, and can be related to many issues, so, i decided to create a new account, where i will drag my writing to try to understand what love is. It is a mystery, and still random in my mind, but hope, this blog grows with me. I also would be happy if someone would like to share their stories, love stories, anything, that can inspire me and others, and send their story to my email pojokchinta@gmail.com, as the stories with permission, will appear as a writing, or a short story anonymous, a confession or whatever on my blog www.pojokchinta.tumblr.com
At the moment, i use the blog also to expand my writing from my Facebook notes. The name Pojok Chinta means Chinta's corner in Indonesian.

Last, but not least, at the moment i am working on a project, a blog that i will use to present and promote the beauty and potentials of my beloved country, Indonesia. I am working at it at the moment and still not satisfied with the result. It is quiet a large subject to manage and organise, so, i guess wish me luck and i would love to share it to you soon.

So, i will see you soon, anywhere that you can find me?


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